Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups

Speculoos spread is a dangerous, dangerous thing. I think it’s a pretty new to thing to Americans too. We just recently discovered it at Trader Joe’s, and I’ve also seen it as Biscoff spread in other grocery stores. Try explaining what Speculoos spread is to people who don’t know what it is, and you sound a bit crazy. A peanut-butter-like (in consistency only, not taste) spread that tastes like sweet, creamy gingerbread cookies. I think the days are numbered though that Speculoos remains on the down-low. It’s fastly replacing Nutella as the trendy spread of choice (just ask Pinterest). And, unlike Nutella, Speculoos spread is vegan (yay).

So what do you DO with Speculoos spread anyway? Well, the first jar that we had in our house, we basically just ate it as is, on a spoon, or spread it on toast. I kept trying to think what else I could do with it; cupcakes, frosting, cookies… sure all those things would be delicious. Since tasting it, I knew I wanted to make Speculoos-filled chocolate candy cups ala Reese’s peanut butter cups. And now, being so close to Halloween, it seemed to me to be the perfect time to make them.

There are many recipes out there for nut-butter candy cups that call for mixing in humongous amounts of powdered sugar and margarine for the filling. This is to achieve that Reeses-like texture. While this is of course delicious, I didn’t really think it was necessary to add any more sugar  or fat to the Speculoos spread for my filling (which makes my recipe even easier). The Speculoos spread is delicious as is, and leaving it in its natural state for the filling makes it divine when you bite into the chocolate and experience the smooth, creamy texture of the Speculoos.

I used 72% cacao for the chocolate in this recipe. If you like your chocolate a bit sweeter, go for a 50% or 60% cacao dark chocolate. The higher the cacao content, the more intense and bittersweet the chocolate will taste because less sugar has been added to it.

Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups
makes 24 mini-cupcake sized candy cups

16 ounces of vegan dark chocolate, broken or chopped
2 teaspoons coconut oil, melted

about 24 teaspoons (1/2 cup) of Speculoos spread

First, line a 24-count mini-cupcake pan with paper liners. In a double-boiler, temper the chocolate. When the chocolate is melted, add the coconut oil to the chocolate and stir with a rubber spatula. Then, carefully pour the chocolate into a clean plastic squeeze bottle. Squirt some of the melted chocolate, about 1 teaspoon or so, into the bottom of the paper liners. Use the end of a spoon to push the melted chocolate up on the sides of the liners. Repeat. Spoon about 1 teaspoon of Speculoos spread into the center of the chocolate cups. Then, top the Speculoos with some more chocolate until the top of the Speculoos spread is covered in chocolate. Repeat for all cups. Chill the tray in the fridge for about an hour before eating or packaging. Store covered in the fridge until ready to consume (the chocolate will become a little bit melty at room temperature).

My Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups are a perfect treat for your vegan Halloween! They’re easy to make, and while not completely healthy, they’re much better for you than traditional candies and chocolates that are passed out to trick or treaters.


8 thoughts on “Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups

  1. ooh good idea. I’ve made pb cups before but I like the idea of speculoos cups! Good call on using dark chocolate too, I can imagine it being crazy sweet with semi sweet chocolate.

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